Tinton Homestay and Resorts, located on the banks of the Varahi River, is more than just a homestay. Anyone who comes to visit us will discover that we have a lot more to offer. There’s something here for everyone. For adventurers, there’s kayaking, zip-lining, and fishing, as well as indoor games, cricket games, volleyball, and basketball for athletes.

Tinton features a full-sized, large basketball court in the heart of the resort, providing a safe place for visitors of all ages to enjoy a game of basketball during their stay. You can also pre-book the court for a private game with your pals or simply come in for a casual match. You can even practice your shots and strategy by playing alone. It’s also great if you don’t have all of your own equipment because you can get them from the resort’s Game Room, which is loaded with everything you’ll need to play any game at our facility.

Our basketball court has also been a terrific location for our guests, particularly children, to engage and find new friends. They would want to visit again and again as this has always been the kids favourite spot in the resort. You can also play a friendly game of basketball with our other adult guests if everyone agrees. This is another location within the resort where you can spend quality time with your partner and children.

Our Court Rental

Basketball is becoming more popular, and the more individuals that play the sport, the more difficult it is to secure some good court time. This, however, is no reason to deny players the opportunity to participate in their favorite sport. This is why, at Tinton, we provide court rental services to anyone who enjoys the game. You can now rent the court and shoot around without having to compete with anyone else. Depending on your demands, you can rent a full court or a half-court. During the time provided, you and your guest can use the court to your heart’s content. All you have to do is call us right away or send us a text inquiry through our WhatsApp to reserve our courts for the entire day or on an hourly basis starting at 1 hour.

Our Basketball Club Membership

This is for you if you’re a frequent Tinton guest who enjoys playing basketball. You’ll be excited to know that Tinton now allows you to join their basketball club, which guarantees you a fixed sum of court time each month that you can use as you see fit. All you have to do is check-in with us to ensure that the court isn’t in use by anyone else. The membership card grants you access to a number of discounts and special offers that you would not otherwise be able to acquire. You can also save money by bringing your friends with you when you use the card.

Basketball Court Equipment 

We understand that carrying sports equipment around is not always a good idea, which is why we have a Game Room at our facility that stocks all of the latest equipment so that you can enjoy your game to the fullest. We don’t have any limits on equipment, but we’d appreciate it if you use them sensibly and won’t damage them in any way. You can always come to our dedicated staff for answers to your questions, and they can also get you any equipment you require if you so desire. There is also a division for adults and a section for children.