Tinton inspires a casual yet refined sensibility with its magnificent river frontage. There are distinct facilities such as a swimming pool, sports bar, gym, and outdoor play area, in addition to vast gardens and exquisite rooms. Tinton is equipped with everything to refresh you! In the midst of nature, enjoy and experience a peaceful hideaway with luxurious amenities. The breathtaking Riverdance is a highlight of the Tinton waterpark. The tranquilly and smoothing freshness of nature, along with the first-rate amenities we provide, will refresh your mind and re-energize your body. Tinton boasts ten acres of manicured gardens with lovely plants and flowers, and the architecture is delicate enough to merge your mind and soul with the beautiful natural surroundings. The Raindance and Rainbow Shower will give you an incredible experience to refresh your body and mind. Be a kid or a grown-up, who doesn’t like to get drenched in the rain?
Covered or open area with rain shower, thumping music, and endless enjoyment, this is one of the most entertaining zones in the Water Park. It’s the most pleasing way to get your guests psyched up and dancing to the beat.

Our Features

Variety of themes

Rain dance is offered in a variety of themes. A themed rain dance will offer you a cause to come back and will instantly boost your experience at Tinton. You can participate in adventure or sport if you want an active vacation along with different themes of Raindance and Rainbow Shower! We include themes for children and adults.

Complete experience

As the name implies, you will be enthralled by the heart-racing rhythmic beats. It’s a specifically designed dance floor that provides a multi-sensory experience, complete hi-fidelity sound, psychedelic laser lights, and precisely coordinated warm water showers that bathe you in dancing ecstasy! This attraction will provide you with a musical delight without making you sweat.

Swimming pool

You can take a swim as much as you want in our swimming pool along with the reverberating Rainshower. Enjoy your staycation or tour with the beauty of nature and enjoy exciting sports with a complete package of enjoyment and happiness!

Water slides

There are numerous water slides for you to have fun. To start with, kids are definitely going to have fun with these water slides. Then there’s the massive twist and turn slide that begins just at the edge. You’ll be twisted and spun many times until hitting the water, and everything will transpire so quickly that you’ll recall the juke and bang the slide created! There are more to explore here, and we assure you that you’ll have a wonderful time at Tinton.

Our Packages

Day Out Package

In this, you will have unlimited access to our water rides and Raindance from 9 AM to 5 PM. Enjoy other adventurous activities and sports with complimentary breakfast and lunch. You can cool down your body and mind amidst the hot climate with this Day Out Package and have a blast in the Rainbow Shower. More details.

Stay Package

Enjoy your staycation with Tinton and have a rejuvenating experience with a blast of Raindance and Rainbow Shower. DJ songs will be played to make it more enjoyable. It is a time to be worry-free. Get in touch with us to know more about Stay Packages! Different Stay Packages are available. More details.

Night Out Package

Are you ready for a Raindance and a Rainbow Shower! Oh, wait, you might want to warm your body up after that! We have a campfire to enjoy the night and make you warmer after a blast in the water pool! Many inclusions are included in our Night Out Package to make your holiday fantastic and memorable. More details.