Tinton Homestay and Water Park is a 10-acre property on the Varahi River that you will not want to miss—offering all you need for a relaxing vacation, including peace, entertainment, and a varied range of activities for everyone looking to unravel.

Fishing in and along the Varahi River is one activity Tinton has organised for our guests. Nothing beats relaxing and unwinding on the riverbank with your fishing rod, or for the more adventurous, going into the river and doing some side-sighting while rotating your rod to catch a few rare kinds of river fish. To top it off, we have the best chefs in the state in our kitchen who can prepare anything with the fish you bring. They do also make the best local fish curry for any occasion. If you prefer to do it on your own, the fish is yours to take, and we even provide grills so you can cook them with your friends and family in your own style.

We have something extra for you at Tinton since fishing does not always have to be about fishing rods. We’ll let you fish like a native in Udupi, boarding local boats and socialising with the locals. You’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience as you will be throwing the net in the most Udupi way. To feel the thrill of rowing down the Varahi River’s crystal clear water, catching fish, and having a good time. Now is the time to call or text us on our WhatsApp number!

Our Features

1. River fishing

We guarantee that you’ll get the most out of your fishing experience here in Tinton, as the Varahi river, which flows through the front to the Arabian Sea, carries a variety of river fish species with it. Varahi is the first name that everyone who enjoys fishing in Udupi thinks about. It’s a fantastic place to spend a relaxing weekend with friends or as a couple, with a tranquil outlook. You can catch a few fish from the river while the river’s tranquility and warmth flood into your heart. You can take them back to your hotel or keep them as a souvenir if you catch something cute.

2. Fishing corner

Our fishing corner is perfect for anyone who has recently decided to try fishing. Tinton’s fishing corner is a wooden extension built along the Varahi River where you may relax and fish. You don’t even need to bring your own rod and net as we have skilled personnel that know all there is to know about fishing and will teach you how to do it. We also have the best equipment for you, if you don’t want to bring yours. Many of our visitors come to Fishing Corner for an evening of fishing and grilling. We also have a parlour at Tinton Fish Corner, where you may sit and eat your catch. You can either prepare it yourself or request that our chef prepare it for you.

3. Fishing the Varahi style

This one is for you if you’re the adventurous type who loves to go above and beyond in everything. Varahi-style fishing allows you to fish on your own while taking in the scenery of the Varahi River. You can row the boat by yourself and pick a fishing area in the river. These have been the most popular among our guests, and they have appreciated it more than anything else because of its versatility. Tinton places a greater emphasis on safety than anything else. Before you go fishing on a whole new level, we’ll make sure you have a life jacket and everything else you need to stay safe.