Allow Tinton to re-define fun for you this summer by allowing you to experience our spectacular water world, which is loaded with rides that you and your family and friends can all enjoy together, with no age restrictions and a strong emphasis on safety. We offer entertaining rides that meet the strictest safety and security requirements set out by the world’s most prominent regulatory authorities. With an exclusive night stay facility, you can spend the night after a day of pleasure. The rooms at Tinton are equipped with everything you need to feel at ease, including 24-hour electricity and internet as well as your complimentary DTH TV. Tinton is one of the most enticing homestays and waterparks in the Karnataka State, so you’ll never be wondering when you’ll see the same faces again.

Don’t miss out on a wonderful day of amusement with a variety of rides and attractions. The enchanting splendour has been enjoyed by many. With our own reservoir, we can ensure the greatest level of safety and hygiene is preserved in the pools and water parks. The water park employs well-trained lifeguards to ensure that you do not have to be concerned about your safety when entering the pools. We also have a nurse on staff who can assist you with any medical needs, which you won’t find at any other facility. We’ll only treat you the best no matter when you come to see us. If you want to stay, we give a range of packages for you to choose from, or we can create one for you; give us a call right now.

Our Features

1. Water Slides

The excitement begins at the entrance, as we have more than one style of slides for you. To begin, we have a children’s slide that is ideal for children under the age of 12 to ride alone because it is completely secure with no twists and turns. Then there’s the mega-sized twist and turn slide, which starts at the edge. It’s a fully enclosed slide, you’ll be twisted and spun a few times before hitting the water, and everything will happen so fast that all you’ll remember is zig-zag and boom. This is one of the most popular slides among our visitors because it is completely enclosed, allowing parents to accompany their children. We even include a three-tube set so you may enjoy the slides safely with friends and family.

 2. Rain Dance & Rainshower

Rain Dance is for you if you’ve always wanted to show off some great dance moves but haven’t had the chance to do so. The rain dance, as the name implies, is about getting wet and crazy in the rain. It’s set up outside with the tilting bucket and spin wheels nearby to give it a more natural feel. You can also share a list of your favourite songs you’d like to dance to with your friends and loved ones for a more personalised experience with our sound operators.

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3. Tilting Bucket & Spin Wheel

Tilting bucket is a fun prank that many of our guests like pulling on one another, regardless of their age. The water-filled bucket splashes onto the person standing beneath it, soaking them. People keep coming back for more because of the countless pranks they can pull or the excitement of anticipating the splash we haven’t seen before. The kids’ favourite has always been the spin wheel; they enjoy playing it the most. You can always phone us or send us an inquiry through WhatsApp to book us right now or to learn more about us.