Why Tinton Resort is the Best Resort in Shimoga?

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Why Tinton Resort is the Best Resort in Shimoga?


Trying to find the best location for your holiday getaway can be a challenging process. Since we all have a plethora of options to choose from, it can get confusing too. While planning a staycation, we have a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration, such as comfort, facilities, budget, etc. Finding all of this in one place is a real task. But do not worry as Tinton resort, the best resort in Shimoga, is here for the save!  Tinton resort is an exclusive riverside resort spread across ten acres of green land encompassing the plantations and reserve forests.


Enjoy this getaway with the premium amenities in the ravishing presence of nature. What makes Tinton different from other vacation and riverside resorts is that along with the refreshing and close-to-nature experience, they provide special services which would compel you to spend your staycation with them. Let’s dive into these specialties and the reasons why Tinton resort is possibly the best resort to stay in Shimoga.


The Floating Food Hub


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Food is one of the best parts of going away for a vacation. Trying out different cuisines are everybody’s jam. Tinton provides unlimited buffets at all meal times in their resort, but they have a special facility on the shores of the Varahi river, which is called the floating restaurant. While you are paddling away into the beauty of Varahi, you could take a snack break in their floating restaurant and enjoy your food while you appreciate the scenery. The uniqueness of this floating food hub is a major attraction point of Tinton resort.


The Leisure Activities                 


If you are a person who enjoys participating in fun activities and reminiscing your old hobbies, then Tinton has got your back. As Tinton resort is along the banks of Varahi River, the most obvious and easiest leisure activity you can engage in would be fishing. To make it more intriguing, you can not only just go fishing, but also can do some sightseeing along. They specially arrange boats for their guests to make this experience a little more adventurous.


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They have arranged three different fishing activities as your liking. The first one would be river fishing. They have set up facilities near the Varahi river where you can straight do some fishing from the warmth of nature and the tender breeze. You won’t even feel how time passes by as you enjoy the calm of it.


The next one is a fishing corner. If you are someone who prefers some alone time with yourself and is a beginner at fishing, then this one is perfect for you. This corner is a wooden extension built over the Varahi river where you can enjoy fishing at your own pace. They also provide you with the equipment you need, if it’s not already with you. Even if you want to eat your catch, they have a cute little parlour near the creek where you can do the grilling. If not, their chefs can prepare it for you too.


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The third one on the list is fishing in the Varahi style. This could be the most interesting one because you can row your own boat to the river, find a fishing spot, and just start the work. Since it’s a bit adventurous, most of their guests tend to choose this one out of the three.


Water Vehicles  


What’s the fun in staying at a riverside resort and not indulging in any water vehicle fun? At Tinton, they have motor boating as well as paddle boating. You can choose which one you want according to your preference. A motorboat can accommodate more than 3 people, and a paddleboat can only accommodate two people at a time. This is one of the best and famous activities you can do around Tinton, and you won’t have to worry about safety issues because they assure their guest’s safety over everything.


Sports Courts 


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If you are willing to burn some extra calories, then Tinton resort has got exclusive premium game courts just for you. All kinds of court amenities for sports like volleyball, basketball, and cricket are included in your stay, and you can access them at your liking. Rental services are also available for the courts because none should lose a chance for competition just because they don’t have the opportunity to play. If you are a regular visitor to Tinton, then there are a lot of exciting offers waiting for you. They offer game court memberships to the regular guests at their resorts who are sports enthusiasts. They also provide a dedicated area for indoor games for folks who prefer that.


Value-Added Services


At Tinton, they thrive to provide you with a luxurious yet premium experience that comes under your budget. Tinton wants to provide their guests with the warmth and relief they expect from their weekend getaway or staycation. In order for that, they have included many value-added services in their packages. They have a well-equipped gym for people who don’t want to miss their workout sessions or for people who want to start a new habit of working out by just staying in their resort. A good amount of exercise is no harm if it’s done right. They have special water theme park entertainment such as rain dance and a rainbow shower, which is a Tinton resort exclusive. Kayaking is one of the famous water activities in Shimoga, and in Tinton, you can add that into your adventure sports list if you are a person who is looking for a challenging holiday. The special tea in the Tinton food menu is something worth every penny. The resort premises are wifi-enabled, and all of the hotel washrooms are equipped with a 24-hours hot/cold water supply. The staff will be at your doorstep for any queries and concerns that you may have.


So it won’t be an exaggeration if we conclude Tinton Resorts and Water Park is the best weekend getaway resort you can book in the town of Shimoga.


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