Why Tinton Resort is the Best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore

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Why Tinton Resort is the Best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore

We all live in a busy world, learning to thrive with the speed of things around us. And it can be exhausting for you at times. Everyone deserves a break once in a while. A nice holiday to a refreshing destination could help you relax a bit. It’s even better if you are spending those days with your family and friends. That is exactly what you can expect when you choose Tinton resort as your weekend getaway.

Tinton riverside resort is a combination of homestay and waterpark. This amazing getaway location is extended to a 10-acre land surrounded by reserve forests and lush greenery.

It is close to the best parts of nature, which are the rivers and forests, and wouldn’t leave you disappointed if you decide to choose Tinton as your staycation destination.

Let’s explore why Tinton is the perfect choice for your relaxing getaway and why they are different from the other staycation spots. Choose Tinton Resort as the best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore and enjoy your days.


The Serene Greenery

Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore


When you choose Tinton as your staycation destination, prepare to be amazed by the lush green gardens and lawns and the other amenities like a swimming pool, sports bar, gym facilities, and much more. And of course the view. The river-front view is worth every penny you spend on the staycation at Tinton. There is nothing more fresh and blissful than waking up to the cool breeze and chilling weather near the banks of the Varahi. And another best part of the resort is, it is the nearest point where you can access all of the famous destinations in Bangalore like Agumbe Sunset point, Kollur Mookambika Temple, Koodlu falls, Murudeshwar Temple, Udupi Krishna Temple, Malpe Beach, Anegudde temple, Manipal, Maravanthe Beach, etc. Surrounded by these reserve forests, it is taking the deepest shade of green, and above all, a true sense of escape. Choose Tinton Resort as the best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore and enjoy your days.


The Adventure Sports


resort in udupi - tinton resorts


Who doesn’t want some adventure in their life, especially when they are on vacation? That’s what vacations are meant for. To be relaxing and adventurous. Well, Tinton Resorts have got you covered in both. They offer you an extensive range of adventure sports at their destination.

The first one that you will set your eyes upon for being the most interesting would be, kayaking through the beauty of the Varahi River. The perks that you gain by going kayaking other than booking expensive big boats is that you can explore the unexplored. You can paddle into the smaller streams and interact with the cultural residents residing there. Tinton resort chose this particular location for your kayaking experience because of the beautiful view you can behold while enjoying the subtle and blue-tinted water. Choose Tinton Resort as the best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore and enjoy your days. They extend three-slot kayaking packages for you. Sunrise, sunset, and mid-day kayaking.


Another perfect adventure that you can add to your chilling days at Tinton is Zip Line


If you are an enthusiast for landscapes and you are interested in enjoying the view from an upper perspective, this is a great opportunity Tinton provides you. You cannot resist the adrenaline rush when you decide to go for the zip line, even if it is frightening. Adventure sports being the main attraction, the stay in Tinton will get only irresistible with time.


The Water Theme Park


resort in udupi - tinton resorts


When we were all children, it must have been one of the happiest memories of visiting a water theme park, the pools, the rides, and all the excitement of it. We have made abundant memories over there. Tinton resort and water park give you another chance for your inner child to experience it again and relive all those fun moments. They offer exclusive water theme activities and rides just for you. It includes water slides, vast pools, tilting bucket, and their specialty, rain dance, and rainbow shower. Let’s admit the fact that being a kid or an adult, we love rain nonetheless our age. Recharge your soul by drenching in the rain dance and rainbow shower and be the kid in you. This is one of the most exciting parts about staying in Tinton. The guests usually are really energetic and hyped about playing and blowing some steam off in the water park and the pools. Choose Tinton Resort as the best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore and enjoy your days.


The Night Life Package – Best Weekend Getaway Destination from Bangalore


resort in udupi - tinton resorts


Most of the resorts or staycation destinations overwhelm you with extravagant and unnecessary packages. And the worst part is that sometimes you can’t even enjoy your vacation, which will be a great disappointment. But the packages at Tinton are unique and worth money, and they always thrive on making you feel happy and satisfied.  Their adventure sports packages are definitely a good reason that entitles them as the best weekend getaway destination. Nothing is more exciting than enjoying the campfire with your friends and family and creating incredible memories together. Bangalore’s nightlife is not all about parties and fun. Sometimes it can be a group of people enjoying their night around a small lit fire with music, food and fun. With Tinton, you can transform your staycation into a beautiful memory. You can personalise the night-out plans according to your liking. So do not hesitate to plan a fantastic staycation trip with Tinton from the exclusive list of nightlife packages and make use of every chance you have to make this the best trip of your life.


The Game Arena


resort in udupi - tinton resort


Tinton resort has spaces specially dedicated for indoor and outdoor gaming activities for kids as well as adults. Everybody loves a good athletic game as it will keep the energy and adrenaline rush alive throughout the getaway. They have basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a well-maintained cricket ground for people to gather up and blow off some steam. The indoor game space consists of most of the board games, foosball tables, and carroms. Last but not least, they have a dedicated play area for children where they can make new friends and enjoy their hearts out.


With all of these amazing features, it’s apt to say that the Tinton Resorts and Water Park is your perfect destination for the staycation that you need and deserve.


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